Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Liberals in Media Seem to Fear Different Views

I admit that I'm a news junkie.  I have been reading newspapers since I was eight years old, and now I watch every news channel available, listen to talk radio and read as many news websites as I can.

Over the past decade, two media major media monitoring websites have arisen to prominence.  One is "Media Matters," which proclaims that it exists to fight conservative misinformation in the media.  The other major media watchdog website is "NewsBusters," which is dedicated to fighting liberal bias in the media.

As you might suspect, "Media Matters" has a litany of posting denouncing Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and anything remotely conservative on the radio, television or in the newspapers.  The same is true for "NewsBusters," which has items that take to task just about anything that smacks of liberal bias at the three major networks and CNN.  Not surprisingly,  "Newsbusters" focuses much of its ire on MSNBC, which many people, including myself, consider to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, which is why some sarcastically refer to MSNBC as MSDNC.

I see nothing basically wrong with either website.  You know from the beginning that each has a bias.  Each website admits it.  You can read their postings and then go the media outlets being denigrated and find out for yourself if the complaints are legitimate.

However, there is one major difference between the two.  If you look on the "Media Matters" website, you will see a posting called "Drop Fox"  When you click on the box, you discover that "Media Matters" is engaging in a campaign to get advertisers to stop supporting Fox News.  In a very real sense, they are on a jihad to get Fox News off the air.

All of my life, I have been told that liberals are the most open minded people, and yet their media watchdog website is out to destroy a news outlet they don't like.  What are they afraid of at "Media Matters.?"  Why should they set out to close down a media outlet simply because it carries an opposing point of view?

"NewsBusters" certainly does its fair share to belittle and berate MSNBC.  However, you will not see any corresponding campaign on the conservative website to shut down MSNBC or any other liberal media voice.

Whether I agree with a media outlet's point of view or not, I don't want to see any of them shut down.  I already miss Keith Olbermann even though I have very seldom agreed him.  I miss Phil Donahue and wish he was still on television.  This country is the quintessential marketplace of free expression, and shame on you, "Media Matters,"  for wanting to silence anyone.

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