Friday, April 29, 2011

It Appears the Race Card Will Be Obama's Re-election Strategy

The 2012 Presidential Race is well underway even though few have officially announced their candidacy for the position.  Unfortunately, it appears that the race card will be the cornerstone of Barack Obama’s re-election strategy.  Look at what has happened since the President has released the long form of his birth certificate.  Anyone who had questioned why he didn’t release it sooner, especially Donald Trump, have now been declared racist by the Obama supporters in the mainstream media.

It has been a frequent lament of mine that there truly are few real journalists left in our media, but the recent days prove that the liberal advocates appear to be locked and ready to label anyone who opposes Obama a bigot.  One might have thought many in the mainstream media would have been embarrassed by the blatant cheerleading they displayed for Obama in the 2008 election, but it looks like they are prepared to go even further to ensure he gets a second term.

In just the past few day, Jonathan Alter of MSNBC, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, and Bob Schieffer of CBS News have all labeled either Donald Trump and/or the Republican Party as racist and haters.  It is especially significant that Schieffer has engaged in such name calling because he hosts one of the major Sunday network news shows, “Face the Nation.”

I marvel at the evolution of our modern-day new media.  We once only had reporters trying to give us the news as accurately as possible.  Now, these reporters have become psychoanalysts, who are capable of telling you what is in the minds and hearts of the newsmakers they cover.  They seem to be especially effective in ascertaining the motives of the newsmakers who don’t agree with their liberal orthodoxy.

Since I can’t read minds or hearts, I don’t know whether Donald Trump is a racist.  I’ve never met the man.  However, I do know many Republicans who have no shred of hate in them whatsoever, so I find that charge to be especially perplexing.

I guess that I just long for the day when our so-called news reporters apply equal scrutiny to anyone running for public office, not just the ones they don’t like.  Alas, it looks like we are in for second Presidential election during which our mainstream media will be cheering Obama onto another term in office.

By the way, it has been reported that Obama is well on his way to amazing a billion dollar war chest for his re-election campaign.  I don’t know why he really needs that much money.  He already has a campaign staff working for him at the major news networks, and that’s doesn’t cost him anything.  Sadly, it is costing those networks their credibility.

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  1. when you have no valid and logical argument you cry "racism". a very old and tired tactic. when the voters of this country elected obama, the race card was eliminated forever. could he be criticized because of his policies and inaction? now there's a thought.