Thursday, May 26, 2011

What the Biased Media Won't Say Or Will Hide About Recent Events

The budget that President Barack Obama delivered to Congress in February was voted down 97 to 0 on Wednesday.  That’s right.  The President’s budget received no votes from a Senate that has a Democratic majority.  Surprised?  How many of you have heard that?

I’m an admitted news junkie, but I don’t have the time to see every broadcast or read every newspaper, but there are very few places where you can find the fact that I just revealed to many of you.  I found it a story on the “Politico” website buried in a story headlined “Senate rejects Ryan budget.”  The story led with the defeat of the House Republican budget, crafted by Wisconsin Republican Representative Paul Ryan.  His budget, which passed the House easily, was voted down in the Senate by a 57-40 vote.  Later, the entire Senate voted on Obama’s budget, which as I wrote earlier, did not receive one vote.

As I wrote two days ago, I am still waiting for the editorial outcry in the media about the fact that we are well over 60 days into military operations in Libya initiated by President Obama, and still no Congressional resolution of support for his action.  What Obama is doing is in violation of the 1973 War Powers Act, and one could make a very good case that his actions are in total disregard for the United States Constitution.  I thought Obama was a Constitutional scholar?

Wait.  There is even more misrepresentation, intentional or otherwise, in the main stream media.  Several days ago, a Democrat won a special congressional election in New York district held by the Republicans for 58 years, signaling glee in liberal media circles.  Joe Klein, as biased a reporter as you will ever meet, declared that this indicated a vote for socialism and a rejection of the Republican plans to reign in entitlement programs to save the budget.

The liberal media reports left out a few facts.  The winner, Democrat Kathy Hochul, received only 47 percent of the vote.  She won the election because the opposition vote was divided between a Republican candidate, Jane Corwin, and a so-called Tea Party candidate Jack Davis, who ran as a Democrat in the last election.  In other words, more people voted against the Democrat than for her, but the vote was split.  It is still a victory for the Democratic Party, but it hardly indicates a trend as the liberal media is contending.

I have continuously lamented that the bias in the mainstream media has become so pronounced that many reporter are downplaying if not ignoring completely relevant facts.  Where do you go to get the whole story?  In this posting alone, I have offered facts, not opinions, which many readers probably haven’t known until reading this blog.  Remember, the Obama budget went down in the Senate by a 97-0 vote, and reporters wonder why there is so little public trust in the news media.

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