Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can You Imagine if Dick Cheney's Staff Locked a Reporter in a Closet?

I often said that hypocrisy and bias in the media is old news, but can you imagine the firestorm that would have erupted if the staff of former Vice President Dick Cheney locked a reporter in a closet during a fundraiser?  Well, that's what happened to an Orlando Sentinel reporter last weekend, except it wasn't Dick Cheney's staff; it was Vice President Joseph Biden's staff.

The incident was covered by most media outlets, but not extensively.  Therefore, in case you missed it, reporter Scott Powers was the pool reporter covering a fundraiser in Florida for Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.  Vice President Biden was the main speaker at the fundraiser, and his staff decided to lock Powers in a closet for roughly an hour and fifteen minutes.

Now, most of the media reported the situation after reporters found out about it, but they didn't find out from Powers.  In the report he filed on the fundraiser, Powers made no mention that he was locked in a closet by Biden's staff for most of the event.  For the record, Biden's staff has apologized profusely for what happened, and so did the homeowner where the fundraiser took place.

It doesn't surprise me at all that most of the media has downplayed this scenario.  As I have often written in my posts, liberal bias in the media is old news.  What troubles me is that Powers didn't report what happened to him in his story, or at least do a humorous side bar story on the incident.  I am a former managing editor, and I would be quite angry if I had to hear about what happened to one of my reporters from another media source.

Unlike most people in the news media, I can't read minds and hearts, so I am not going to speculate on whether or not Powers is a supporter of Democratic politics and didn't want to embarrass Biden.  Nevertheless, I would like to hear from Powers if he would have written his account of the fundraiser the same way if he was locked in a closet by an aide to Dick Cheney?  Just wondering.

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