Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Liberalism Fails in the Marketplace of Free Expression

A Gallup Poll came out late last week that rated the top 10 conservative states in the country and the top 10 liberal states. The poll was based on people identifying themselves as conservative, moderate or liberal. Since our news media tends to be dominated by liberals, with the exception of the Fox News Channel, most of you probably heard little if anything about the poll.

Not surprisingly, Mississippi was identified as the most conservative state in the union, followed in the top 10 by Idaho, Alabama, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Carolina and Arkansas.  There was little surprise in the top 10 liberal states other than that the District of Columbia was included in the survey and came in first place,  followed by Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and New Jersey.

What was not a surprise to the pollsters at Gallup, but what may be a surprise to many in the news media, is that conservatives outnumber liberals in every state.  Only in the District of Columbia do liberal identifiers exceed conservative ones.  Is it any wonder why so many Americans consider those in our nation's capitol to be out of touch with the rest of American society?

As a life-long communications professional, I must admit that I was, myself, a little surprised by the polling results.  Gallup is a mainstream polling operation, and it is not likely to skew the results. 

When you consider that liberals have dominated the news media, music industry, television industry and the motion picture industry for most of the past 50 years, it rather difficult to believe that the liberal ideology has not been embraced by more Americans. With rare exception, liberal philosophy is woven into just about every song, television show and movie produced for the American public.  Until talk radio, the Internet and Fox News Channel began operation, the liberals also dominated network news. 

No wonder most of the liberals seem to be so angry today.  Despite their domination of the media, their message just isn't be accepted by a majority of the public.  Now that we have a freer and more diverse marketplace of expression in this country, it appears that the American people are not buying what the liberals are selling.

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  1. this is why a true conservative candidate could win ANY presidential election!!