Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Didn't Whoopi and Joy Walk Out on Donald Trump?

I've never watch "The View" television show before last week.  It's just not the kind of television show that would interest me.  Nevertheless, Donald Trump decided to appear on the show, and since he is considering running for President, I decided to tune in.

Much to my surprise, Trump took on the so-called "birther" issue and he asked why doesn't Barack Obama produce his original birth certificate and put the question of whether or not he was born in the United States to rest?  What surprised me even more was that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar didn't walk off the show as they did when Bill O'Reilly appeared a while back.

When O'Reilly, the controversial Fox News host, appeared on "The View,"  he stated an indisputable fact that all the terrorists that attacked us on September 11, 2001 were Muslims. O'Reilly didn't say that all Muslims were terrorists; he just said the ones that attacked us on that infamous day were all Muslims.  It didn't matter because Whoopi and Joy became so enraged they walked off the show.

Now, a short time later, Trump comes on the show and says something that equally enrages Goldberg and Behar, but they don't walk off the show.  I wonder why not?  O'Reilly stated a fact.  Trump engaged in speculation.  I can't read minds, but I suspect that Goldberg and Behar might have been looking for an excuse to embarrass O'Reilly and, in turn, Fox news.

I'm not suggesting that the women should have walked out on Trump because he did raise some interesting questions.  One was why doesn't Obama just produce his birth certificate?  The other was why is the President spending so much in legal fees to keep his birth and school records sealed?

Before the show with Trump, I was becoming annoyed by the whole birther controversy.  I figured Obama was born in Hawaii, so let's get onto issues that are really important and not waste anymore media time on the birther distraction.  Now, I have researched some of the stories regarding the amount of money Obama has spent on hiding his records, and I wonder why?  I still think he was born in the United States, but the fact that he seems to be spending so much to hide his records is beginning to make me wonder.

This whole situation regarding Obama's place of birth underscores what is wrong with a media that is so dominated by advocates and not journalists.  A journalist would have no problem asking the President why he is spending so much money to avoid the issue.  The advocates in the media, who have expended so much of their professional credibility supporting Obama, won't ever ask such a question.  Yet, the public deserves the answer.

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