Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maher Shows How Expected Liberal Media Bias Still Gets Tiresome

Just a few days after most of the mainstream media pilloried New York Republican Congressman Peter King for holding hearings about the potential of Muslim extremism within the boarders of the United States, most reporters, especially liberal ones, completely ignored a well-known television talk show host's savage condemnation of the Koran and the Muslim religion.

On his weekly HBO television show comedian and talk show host Bill Maher told Minnesota Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison that the threat potentially from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat than any threat from the far right.  He also said that the threat emanates from "a hate-filled holy book called the Koran." Ellison, a converted Muslim who cried when testifying before King's committee in Congress had a tepid response but did not appear outraged. 

Like most news junkies who are not liberal, I thought that if any conservative politician, radio host or television personality said what Maher said, the mainstream media would go ballistic.  Now I know that Maher is not comparable to Congressman King in having an impact on Muslims in the United States.  However, many news personalities at the major networks treat Maher like he is some great sage of the western world. 

Liberal hypocrisy in the media is really old news. Nevertheless, it gets tiresome when the hypocrisy is so stark as it is in this situation with Maher.  Juan Williams was fired by National Public Radio just for saying that he sometimes feels uncomfortable when he sees a Muslim on the same flight he is taking.

To be fair, Maher is noted for hating all religions.  He is also very condescending and arrogant to anyone who doesn't share his point of view on politics, religion and society.  More importantly, I really don't care what he thinks about Muslims or anything else.  For some reason that I really can't fathom, the media does. 

Have you ever seen the way Larry King would treat Maher on his now defunct CNN program?  King would react as if Maher was descending from the holy mountain to impart his great wisdom on the rest of us mere mortals.

There are plenty of people, like me, in the country who have just as much alphabet soup (college degrees) after their name and maybe more than Bill Maher does.  There also are plenty of people, like me, who have an IQ just as high if not higher than Bill Maher.  We are not stupid, knuckle dragging Neanderthals who are racist, sexist, homophobic or religious bigots.  We just don't see the world the way Bill Maher does.

I doubt that Bill Maher will ever understand that smart people can disagree with him.  Like his buddies in the liberal media, he is too busy looking down on the rest of us from his phony perch of intellectual superiority.

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