Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liberal Media Advocates Still Won't Accept Muslim Threat

New York Republican Congressman Peter King, who is chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is about to begin hearings to determine the extent of Islamic radicalization within the United States.

Predictably, liberal advocates in the media are denouncing the hearings and comparing King's hearings to the McCarthy witch hunts of suspected Communist infiltrators in the 1950s.  They also fear that the hearings will spark additional Islamophobia and lead to individual citizens committing violence against Muslims even though there has been little evidence of violence against Muslims since September 11, 2001, with the exception of one or two shootings.  That is hardly a trend and does not indicate any national epidemic of Islamophobia.

The problem with having so many advocates in the news media and so few journalists is that the advocates ignore or downplay factual information that doesn't fit their ideological template.  Richard Cohen, a liberal columnist of the Washington Post, decries the hearings and actually says that the country has more to fear from the Catholic Church.  He points out that there should be hearings about the Catholic Church because some of its priests have sexually abused more than 100,000 children since 1950.  The figure he used, by the way, came from the Catholic Church itself, which is doing a fair job of trying to police the priests sexual abuse scandal.

Cohen's analogy is so ridiculous that it defies logic.  To compare the individual criminal acts of Catholic priests to a world-wide campaign by some fanatic Muslims to destroy as many infidels as possible is absurd. 

I worked in a senior communications capacity with the Catholic Church for 12 years, and I know that many Church leaders covered up crimes in the past.  This the Church has acknowledged many times and has paid a heavy price for the cover ups in the form of bad publicity, decreased contributions and lawsuit settlements totalling in the millions.

The Catholic Church has certainly made mistakes, but I am not aware of any coordinated campaign among priests to abuse children.  However, there is ample evidence of a coordinated effort by Islamic fundamentalists to wreak havoc on any country that supports Israel and opposes the imposition of Muslim law. Is Cohen not aware of the Islamic terrorists camps throughout the Middle East where they teach young Muslim children how to become suicide bombers?  Does he not know that these camps teach children to hate Jews and despise Western Civilization for not embracing Islamic law?  Does he not care that these camps are trying to infiltrate western democracies from within to bring them down?

Ever since the attacks on 9/11/2001, there have been many advocates in the media who have tried to make a moral equivalency between the stated objectives of a global Muslim jihad and the occasional action of a lone Christian fanatic, such as the bombing of an abortion clinic or the killing of an abortion doctor. Unless these liberal advocates can point out one Christian camp in the Western world where they are teaching young Christian children to blow themselves up in order to kill non-believers, there is nothing remotely resembling a moral equivalency.  The analogies of people like Richard Cohen are so pathetically inept that they are an insult to anyone with an intellect.

The late Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel, was once quoted as saying that "we will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."  In today's world, you can say there will always be a threat to the United States from Muslim terrorists until the Islamic extremists learn to love their children more than they hate Americans.  That is the reality we face no matter how much the liberal advocates in the media choose to ignore it.

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