Monday, June 13, 2011

An All-Out Liberal News Media Attack on Sarah Palin

I have been in journalism and communications for more than 35 years, and I have never seen anything the likes this.  Several main stream news organizations are going after former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  To call it a witch hunt would be kind.

I wonder how many of you know that news organizations sought and received court permission to gain access to thousands of Sarah Palin’s e-mails while she was governor of Alaska.  In fact, the New York Times and Washington Post actually hired temporary personnel to go through the documents and determine whether there is anything news worthy in them.

Now, was there some circumstantial evidence available beforehand that Palin may have engaged in duplicity to get this country into a secret war?  Not that I know, and I am as much a news junkie as anyone. 

Is Palin suspected to sending racy photographs of herself to young men and sending suggestive texts?  Not even her biggest haters have suggested she has done that. 

Is Palin suspected of malfeasance in office, and the media hopes to find evidence of such in the e-mail documents?  Well, there actually was an ethics investigation concerning Palin a few years ago, and nothing of substance was discovered.

Is Palin suspected of committing some other kind of crime not related to her office, and the e-mails might provide some evidence to that effect?  Well, I have heard no one, not even the Palin detractors at MSNBC, imply that.

Then why are these news organizations spending so much time and expending so many resources to examine the e-mails of a politician who has been out of office for a few years?  I don’t know the answer, but I will say what I suspect.  Sarah Palin has committed a crime in the eyes of the main stream media.  Technically it is not a real crime; it is just the crime of being a successful, attractive, charismatic, conservative woman.   Even though the liberal pundits in the liberal main stream media say Palin has no chance of winning the Presidency even if she were to ever win the Republican nomination, it appears that these news organizations are taking no chances.  They seem to be hell bent on finding any information to embarrass Palin and/or even destroy her.

When I first heard of this effort, I wondered why the media didn’t go the e-mail of former Presidents Bush or Clinton while they were in office.  I imagine you could find some very interesting reading there.  How about trying to get the e-mails of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? 

Like I said in the opening of this post, I’ve never seen news organizations go after anyone the way these liberal main stream news operations are going after Sarah Palin.  They didn’t even go after Richard Nixon with such zeal, and he gave them plenty of reasons to do so.  Shame on them.  How dare they call themselves journalists?

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