Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Liberal Media Attack on Palin Appears to Have Backfired

As I wrote yesterday, several news organizations from what is known as our wonderful main stream media has been pouring over thousands of e-mails from Sarah Palin when she was governor of Alaska.  Unfortunately for these news organizations, their fishing expedition to find something embarrassing to tag Palin appears to have backfired.

One of the best stories about this foolish endeavor has been written by Toby Harden, the U.S. editor for The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper.  His story indicates that the e-mails tend to characterize Palin as an “idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world or politics.”  Harden believes that the effort to embarrass Palin has failed and that her reputation will actually be enhanced if the main stream media is fair about releasing the information found in the documents.  He noted that the communications from her family demonstrate how loving and close the Palin family truly appears to be.

Nevertheless, the lack of embarrassing information in the e-mails did not keep one main stream media pundit from taking a shot at Palin.  Michael Gerson of the Washington Post admits that the e-mails paint a very positive picture of Palin.  He acknowledged that the documents paint her as a person who was kind to her staff, responsive to her constituents and protective of her state.  Yet Gerson insists on proclaiming that Palin has now morphed into a sad ideological caricature.

Excuse me, Mr. Gerson, but here is my interpretation of your scenario.  The e-mails and other documents that the liberal media uncovered reveal the reality of who Sarah Palin is.  It shows a very pragmatic governor who has a strong political philosophy that she did not let get in the way of doing the right thing for Alaska.  The documents also show she has a few flaws, just like the rest of us mere mortals.

The caricature you talk about, Mr. Gerson, is one created by you and the rest of your friends in the main stream media.  Now you are disappointed that the reality of who she really is contradicts just about every negative thing you so-called journalists claimed was true about her.  Don’t worry, Mr. Gerson, now that the facts about Palin don’t conform to the template you’ve created about her, you can do what you and most of the political pundits in mainstream media do best….make something up.

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