Friday, June 10, 2011

Wildfires and Tornadoes Prove It's Foolish to Think Man Can Control Nature

The recent wildfires in Arizona and the outbreak of devastating tornadoes in the Midwest and South should indicate to climate change advocates that there really is very little mankind can do at our stage of technological development to control nature.

Nevertheless, there are those global warming fanatics who still believe that we can dictate the climate trends of the future by just changing our lifestyles to what they recommend.  Unfortunately, there are also many news media advocates who have bought into that argument. 

Overall, world temperatures appear to have been dropping in a way that was not predicted by the computer models being touted by the advocates of global warming.  I can go on and on giving examples that the earth is actually starting to cool with equally compelling information that would indicate that the recent cooling is just an aberration.  When real experts with significant scientific experience can’t agree, how can we take news media and celebrity advocates seriously?

What bothers me most about the way the media covers this issue is that seldom do you see actual experts on news shows.  You hear from former Vice President Al Gore or some other celebrity who are absolutely sure there is man-made global warming, but Gore will always refuse to publicly debate anyone on the subject. When the media does produce experts, they cherry pick them according to whatever bias the show has.  In late 2009, both CNN and the Fox News Network did some good work examining all sides of the issue and included experts with varied points of view, but still some of the commentators, like Wolf Blitzer of CNN, claims that there is a scientific consensus that global warming exists, and it is caused by humans.

Much of the Midwest and the East Coast experienced one of the longest and coldest winters this year.  Then in just the past week, much of the Midwest and East Coast has experienced one of the earliest heat waves.  In the past week, Chicago had three straight days in the mid 90s, only to be followed by a few days where it didn’t get out of the 50s in some of the metropolitan areas.

How is anyone supposed to determine a trend from such contradictory information?  More importantly, how can any truly rational person think we can control hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding rains and earthquakes?

During my lifetime, it has already been proven that the eruption of a major volcano has a greater affect on a region’s weather than anything man has done up to this point.  However, if you want to believe the fear merchants in entertainment and the media, go ahead. 

Usually, I don’t make predictions, but I will in this case.  We are likely to see more cold waves in the winter, record snowfalls in some areas of the country, record high temperatures in other areas of the country during the summer, major and destructive tornadoes, devastating hurricanes and epic earthquakes.  I also predict that there will be precious little we can do to stop those events.

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