Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Weiner Did Was Just a Mistake?

Another self-absorbed narcissistic politician’s attempt to cover up a scandal has failed.  Anthony Weiner acknowledged that he actually did send inappropriate picture to young women other than his wife during the last year and for two years prior to getting married. In fact, some of them are reported to be downright lewd.

It was just last week that Weiner vehemently denied that he did anything wrong and even made the false claim that someone hacked into his “Twitter” account.  Weiner allegedly is supposed to be an intelligent man, but he didn’t learn one of the simple rules of modern media and politics. Get the truth out as fast as possible and move on.

During his mea culpa news conference, Weiner said that what he did amounted to a series of mistakes.  As usual, our compliant main stream media let another liberal politician get away with describing intentional acts as simple mistakes.

A mistake is an error.  When an infielder in baseball bobbles a simple ground ball, he commits an error, a simple mistake.  The player didn't intend to bobble the ball.  When you are not paying attention while driving and take the wrong exit on a freeway, you make a mistake.  It was not your intention to take the wrong exit.  In other words, a mistake can really be simply defined as an unintentional screw-up.

Unfortunately, none of those so-called reporters at the Weiner news conference challenged him on what basically could be considered another falsehood.  To believe Weiner made simple mistakes, you would have to believe that he didn't intend to take pictures of himself in his underwear or completely naked.  You would have to believe that he didn't realize that he uploaded those pictures on his "Twitter" account and sent them to several young women.  You would have to believe that Weiner didn't know he was engaging in phone sex with another woman and failed to acknowledge it.  I must imagine that when he was done making all of those supposedly unintentional actions, he probably just smacked himself on the forehead and said, "Wow, I should have had a V8."

I guess the only mistake that I made yesterday was hoping that one day a politician who gets caught with his pants down would actually admit that he intended to do everything he did.  I also mistakenly believed that at least one reporter would challenge him for not making that admission.  However, I have every intention of saying that most of our modern day media reporters are pretty lame, and that statement is not a mistake.

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