Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now Liberal Media Elitist Accuses John McCain of Fueling Racism

Early in the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, the Attorney General, said that the American people are cowards about having an open and honest discussion about race.  This is one of the few times I would agree with Mr. Holder, but I suspect we might still disagree on the reasons why.

In my opinion, Lee Hockstader, a member of the Washington Post’s editorial board, has provided a great example of why we can’t have an honest discussion about race or bigotry of any kind.  In a recent column he wrote, he accused Arizona Senator John McCain of fueling racial bigotry simply because McCain said what most people in Arizona know may be true.  McCain said that some the wild fires that are raging throughout the state may have been set by illegal immigrants.

McCain did not say that these illegal immigrants came to the state specifically or intentionally to set fires that would evolve into raging infernos responsible for extensive damage to forests and some homes.  He pointed out what many law enforcement officials have known for years, and that is some illegal immigrants set fires to stay warm at night or to use as a diversionary tactic to avoid law enforcement agencies.  Just ask some of the sheriffs of the border counties.

That doesn’t matter to Hockstader who used the statement of one U.S. Forest Service official who said the blaze was probably caused by an “escaped campfire,” and he went on to say that there was no reason to think illegal immigrants were behind it. Since no one has been arrested or even questioned for starting one of the several wild fires raging in the state, my questions is how does anyone know who’s behind it?  When I say anyone, I mean McCain, Hockstader, or the government official.

While sitting in his ivory tower in Washington, D.C, Hockstader has determined that no illegal immigrant is responsible for any of the fires in Arizona, and John McCain made the statement for political gain.  As I said, no one has been arrested for intentionally or accidentally starting any of the fires, and so the jury is still out on Hockstader’s first claim.  As for McCain saying what he said for political gain, let’s see now:  he is not running for President, and he was just re-elected to another six-year term in the Senate, which at his age is likely to be his last.  Logic would indicate that McCain no longer has a political motivation to say anything.

Hockstader’s accusation is particularly irrational considering McCain’s long record of support for comprehensive immigration reform.  McCain has paid a considerable price in conservative circles for advocating a policy that many on the right consider to be nothing more than another dressed-up amnesty plan.

Eric Holder desire for an honest discussion about the issue of race is not going to take place as long his friends in the liberal news media and the entertainment field use every opportunity to tag everyone they don’t agree with as racists or bigots. Unfortunately, it seems that it will always be in the best interest of these agenda-driven ideologues to keep doing so.

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